I’ve Got the Flu!

Someone made the suggestion that I start selling keychains. I thought this was an excellent idea. I don’t really sell any lower price-point items, so I figured I would give it a go. And if nothing else, I love odd keychains myself.

So I ordered myself some lobster claw snap hooks and figured as soon as I was done making ruffle scarf #2, I would whip up a keychain or few. I started thinking of all of the things that I wanted to make that I could now make tiny and apply to keychains. An Oxford comma, tiny uteri, things of that nature. Yesterday I started feeling a little under the weather and went, “I KNOW! THE FLU!” Well, I don’t have the flu. But I made the flu.

There he is in all his flu-ey glory. He has fangs, ’cause I like to think that the flu has fangs. And, like, claws. And a machete. But those really weren’t practical, so I stuck with fangs. He can be found here.

And now for something completely different: The lovely Megan from Megan’s Creative Blog made an excellent post on ideas around pricing time-intensive things and how to make it work. You can see it here.

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