Nativity Minis

Happily done. It was a bit of a struggle to get through the three wisemen, I was all, “Didn’t I just make a wiseman?” And I tried to make them all a little different so they weren’t just different-colored wiseman clones. The pattern is all done and up on Ravelry and Etsy

I recently ordered some yarn from two different places. I ordered some from and I was very frustrated to learn that despite still listing 30-50 skeins of each color available, there were actually NONE IN STOCK. That was actually pretty frustrating. I know they’ve been super busy lately, but the disconnect of so many skeins of yarn they said they had when they were out is a little ridiculous. Also, I’m *still* waiting on my refund from last week so that I can order the rest of the supplies I need.

So I tried They don’t offer free shipping, but their shipping prices are pretty reasonable, especially considering yarn is a real pain in the ass to ship. It was the holiday weekend and such so I don’t have my yarn yet, but as long as it all arrives in one piece I’ll be ordering from them again- probably before I order from

Next pattern I make will be for an American pit bull, but for right now I’m making pretty ruffle scarves!

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