Jerusalem Cricket

I made another insect! I was having an online conversation with some friends, and the Jerusalem cricket came up (you know, as it does). I went a-Googling and I had to stop myself from running down the hall to grab yarn and make it before I finished my football minis. I think it’s adorable.

So I made one. Mr. Craft Frog saw me looking at pictures and making the thing and asked, “Are you really making a potato bug?” Mr. Craft Frog is not an insect fan. He sarcastically asked if I was going to make a spider next, and I decided that it wasn’t the time to tell him that I would very likely be making a spider in the near future. That might need to be a secret spider.

Also, big thanks to the Entomology Department at WSU, specifically Dory and Dr. Zack. I like to look at anatomy drawings online to make sure that I’m calling body parts by the correct name so it’s not, “Orange thing. Sew the orange thing to the other orange thing.” I couldn’t find ANY anatomy drawings of Jerusalem crickets, so I figured an entomologist in their native habitat would probably know. I sent them an email and very quickly got my answer!

This is a pattern, and is available on Ravelry and in my Etsy pattern store. Costs less on Ravelry.

Next up will be nativity minis in plenty of time for Christmas!

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