More Monday!

It’s Monday again. Happy Monday!

I was going to get started on that football minis pattern, but instead I ended up making a scarf, some ugly frog slippers, and this.

It’s a tiny toilet (coincidentally that bluish-gray thing on the right is the scarf I made, too). There are a lot of days when Mr. Craft Frog sees what I’m making, raises his eyebrows, and just doesn’t say anything. This was one of those days.

So, football minis are next. I’ve pretty much got them all worked out in my head, it’s just a matter of translating that into yarn. And then into a PDF. I think my next project after that will be nativity minis (for Christmas, yo), and then a wedding party (bride, groom, ring bearer, flower girl, bridesmaids and groomsmen).

I’ve been talking yarn recently, so I’ll bring it up here too. I mainly use acrylic, there are a few reasons for that. I have two kids and two cats, and big industrial washing machines at our apartment complex’s laundry room. I need something that I can throw in the machine and not worry that the machine won’t be delicate enough for it. I try to keep the yarn away from both kids and cats as much as I can, but *if* something happens and I need to replace it, it’s only acrylic and I haven’t spent an arm and a leg on it. Back when I was selling wearables, a lot of what I sold was kids, and in addition to the throw-it-in-the-wash, some babies and kids have sensitivities to wool.

For my art dolls and for my pattern things, I mainly use Red Heart Super Saver. It shapes and holds shape well. It’s sturdy, it keeps costs down, and I don’t need them to be snuggly and cuddly, for the most part.

For things people are going to wear, I prefer I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. It’s super soft, and they carry a lot of fabulous colors. I will, however, never order from them online again. They have a no-cancellation, no-return policy, and the shipping is a little spendy.

I also use Bernat Super Value- not quite as soft as ILTY, but more sturdy-feeling, and it’s Canadian- I get mine from or; OR Caron Simply Soft. It’s soft, but it’s considerably thinner than most of the other worsted weight I’ve used and I’m not the biggest fan. I will probably be making an afghan with some this winter.

2 responses to “More Monday!

  1. I like your toilet, I collect out houses, pictures, have some with a person inside with corn cobs.

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