Kitten!! (and stuff)

I made a kitten! Mrrow! My son loves cats, and I wanted to make a black cat pattern for Halloween (ish) before it got too late, so I put together a black kitten.

A little while ago, my daughter brought me out some black Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn and I put it next to my computer and forgot about it. I was crocheting the body with worsted weight and I saw the bulky yarn and I though, “Huh, I bet that’s soft and snuggly, and would take less time,” so I frogged what I had and started putting it together with bulky weight. I LOVE it with the other yarn. I didn’t give it whiskers because we don’t have any fishing line. Pattern is up on Ravelry and in my Etsy pattern store.

In other news, I have a gallery on Elfwood and I added my Knight and Elf project to it. It turned out to be a Moderator’s Choice (there’s a little curated slideshow of art on the front page). I’m couldn’t believe that it was picked for Mod’s Choice, I’m all happy and excited and proud and honored and SO MANY THINGS.

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