I first made the mermaid last year.  It was one of my earlier minis. I’ve been trying to get a pattern out for it for a little while now, but I kept running into issues. I was going to do a centaur, but then it wouldn’t balance properly at that size without falling over, or it would have to have additional support. So then I thought, “I’ll do an elf.” And I just couldn’t come up with a pattern that wasn’t just a different-colored redo of another pattern. Tunic and pants? Well, the king and the gnome wear a tunic and pants.

I figured I could do an octopus with it. And then I was trying to get to sleep one a few nights ago and it hit me- baby mermaid! I asked on Facebook if people would rather see an octopus or a baby mermaid and a couple of people mentioned that I should do both, so I did both!

They’re really quick little patterns, there’s not a lot of sewing to the mermaids. They are available on Ravelry and Etsy.

Next up is… a kitten. I didn’t do anything for Halloween this year and now it feels a little late to get anything done, so I figured I could make a black kitten pattern and that would kind of do. Then I’m going to make football player and cheerleader minis. Roll Tide!

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