King and Queen Minis

More medieval minis are done! The queen I did last year, right around the same time that I did the princess and the knight, and I kept putting off doing the king because I didn’t know what I was going to do for him. But I figured it out, I gave him a cloak and a little doublet now my daughter is happily playing with them.

Pattern’s on Etsy and in Ravelry for slightly cheaper. I also finished another baby dragon, and I removed my custom baby dragon link. I’ll be making them periodically, different colors and different themes. I think my next project is going to be a baby dragon with a diaper and a blankie and possibly a bottle if I can swing it in a proportionate size, but we’ll see.

What’s next? Well, I finished Rarity’s dress (again, except for the velcro) so I have three more dresses to get done at night. I’m currently debating between the baby dragon, Little Red Riding Hood, the Princess and the Frog, a wizard, a centaur, a doctor, and a unicorn foal. And Christine and the Phantom of the Opera. This may require some Sims time to figure out what I want to do.

I have been doing some work on my Creatin’ Contest dollhouse. As soon as I get the door done and the last two windows put on, I’ll take a picture of it.

Tropical Storm Isaac looks to be heading right for New Orleans. Everyone stay safe!

2 responses to “King and Queen Minis

  1. They are absolutely adorable!

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