Tuesday Patterns

Hi! It’s Tuesday evening!

I finally (FINALLY) put out my first medieval minis pattern.

It’s been, like, a year I’ve been talking about it? Maybe a little less. Or more? A while. A long while. Anyway. They’re up, available in both my Etsy pattern store and Ravelry. I’m going to be getting up a king and queen, a wizard and a jester, and a mermaid and a centaur! And the fairy and gnome from the Fairy Garden pattern, which I will be taking down.

I made this little guy, to start stocking up for removing all of my made-to-order patterns by the end of September (except the Crochet You custom order).

And I was thinking I’d make one with a diaper and a blankie, and one with a heart, and some other stuff.

I’ve also decided I want to make a (not-Disney-affiliated) Frog Princess with her holding a little frog. Because frog.

Fluttershy’s dress is done, and as soon as I can get some velcro on it and take a picture without my daughter being awake to be all, “Is that for ME?” I’ll put the free pattern up on here. Twilight Sparkle is next, I think, just as soon as I figure out how to make her skirt sit right. I think I’m going to make half an oval and attach it to the the “bodice” part, but we’ll see.

2 responses to “Tuesday Patterns

  1. Gah! These will have to be made! And they will of course need me to make them a castle to live in! Oh what fun!

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