Queen of Hearts

DONE. I finished her up late last night.

She was a trial. I was pretty close to cutting her open for the stuffing and the wire a few times along the way. As Mr. Craft Frog said last night, “Why do you hate her? You loved her this morning with all the tiny hearts!” Yeah. I hated her. I no longer hate her, by the way. 😉

My soundtrack for working on her (besides the kids, of course) was two songs. “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse (thank you, Ashely!) and “Angelicus” by Delerium.

I made her a cape with an “evil-queen collar.” I was a little worried about the collar because- fun fact! I couldn’t really frog the acrylic/eyelash yarn combo that her cape was made out of! But it worked out pretty well.

It was fun working some novelty yarn into a project. The hearts were a little challenging to figure out. I cheated and glued the ones on her dress on with tacky glue because sewing them warped them into blobby things. I’ll put up a post tomorrow with the two different applique patterns.

She is for sale on both Wepay and in my Etsy shop.

Next, I’m not sure. I think I’m going to start working on the pony dresses I promised my daughter for her birthday. Those will be free patterns!

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