Quite Possibly the Strangest Thing I’ve Ever Made

A couple of years ago, Mr. Craft Frog got me this little plastic pseudo-gumball machine that dispensed questionably chalky candy. It was, of course, frog-themed.

Over the years, it’s slowly come apart. First the little bit attaching the head to the body came off, so the head freely (very freely) came off. Then parts of the lily pad started breaking off. Then I threw the body/lily pad away due to sharp bits, and my daughter adopted the head.

It was something she’d play with every so often, until one day she named it “Princess Bassoon” (Little Einsteins). Just the head, mind you. She started playing with it more often and she’d build castles and beds for it, which- a little creepy.

Last night she broke down in sobs. Princess Bassoon needed a body. Poor Princess Bassoon *needed* a body. I remember getting similarly despondent over broken toys when I was little, and apparently she’s a chip off the old bleeding heart.

So I spent last night making this.

I don’t even.

4 responses to “Quite Possibly the Strangest Thing I’ve Ever Made

  1. You are an amazing mom! I think of the eleventy billion patterns and pictures of completed projects I have seen, THIS is my favorite. Not because of the skill (which is there to crochet a body to just a head), but simply because of the love displayed to your child. Long live Princess Bassoon!

  2. This is so awesome of you! One day that little sobbing girl will look back on this and her heart will fill with so much love for you and the things you do for her. You are a great mom!

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