Monday Night

It’s ALMOST football season again! YAY!!!

I’m waiting for the lotion on my hands to all dry/be absorbed/whatever (it puts the lotion on the skin?) so I figured that instead of playing mindless games on the computer, I’d make a mindless blog post.

I’m tackling the Queen of Hearts. She’s… She’s a challenge. I posted this picture on my blog yesterday complete with my creative tantrum.

I am no longer having a creative tantrum. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with her, whether it’s going to be a cape, or if it’s going to be the cape I whipped up last night (and by whipped up, I meant created and frogged a few times) with eyelash yarn and some thinner worsted weight. I’m a big fan of the cape, but I’m not sure if I want to get the cape on her.

So I figure I’m going to finish up what I want to do with her dress (a bunch of tiny hearts around the hem/sides of her overskirt), eyes, hair, and scepter, and then see how I feel about her and whether or not I want to use the cape with her.
Cape. It’s going to get an evil-queen collar, if I do end up using it. I really like the way it feels.

Spinning is going really well! I’m getting a lot faster at it and my yarn is coming out more even, which is always a plus.


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