Spinning Is Awesome!

I started spinning, and I’m super enjoying it! This is what I started with.

This is called roving, which is just fiber (wool in my case) that’s ready for spinning or felting. This was hand-dyed and is 100% merino wool and it’s SUPER soft.

So far, I’ve done this.

This is going to be a long term project. I’m getting better at it, though, and I’m starting to be able to draft while spinning, which is awesome. I have a short torso, which is a definite downside. I don’t get much spun before I have to wind it around the spindle and start again. I’m on a spinning break for now. I had to do some spindle repair (super glue) ’cause my whorl kept wanting to slide down. As soon as that cures, I’ll be able to start up again.

This is totally going to be my go-to portable project. It fits in my purse and I can slip a few hanks of roving in there. And I think I’m going to do 2-ply, ’cause it’s averaging pretty skinny. Possibly 3. We’ll see!

And! Next I’ve decided to make a honey badger pattern. And then probably the Queen of Hearts.

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