Common House Gecko

Last week I saw something small and reptilian scurrying down the hall. I was all, “Huh. Baby anole must have gotten inside.” We have anoles all over the outside of our building, so it made the most sense. It disappeared into the kids’ room (after bedtime) so I just left it. I figured it would either find its way back out or make a home and find something to eat. And to be honest, between the ants, ladybugs, and fruit flies (and spiders) a reptile in the house to help control them sounds like a pretty good idea. Our doors and windows are improperly sealed (to the point that a baby gecko can get in when the door is closed) so there’s really no keeping the bugs out.

The following night, I saw it in the kitchen and I took a picture.

I posted it online and some friends pointed out that it’s a gecko and not an anole. I looked it up and sure enough, baby gecko!

Because it’s super cute, I decided that the next thing I would make would be a common house gecko. So here is Gary the Gecko.

All of the fruit flies in the kitchen disappeared around the time that Gary showed up, so I figured that he must have eaten them. Now my daughter is saying that he needs a fruit fly, so after I make her ermplane I will be crocheting a fruit fly- big enough for him to wrestle, though, not eat. 😀

I’ll finish up the pattern tonight, and it’ll be available on Ravelry and Etsy.

2 responses to “Common House Gecko

  1. Such a cute baby!!! Your crocheted one turned out amazing!

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