Fairy Wings and Tutu, pt. 2

One of my daughter’s little friends is the daughter of one of my husband’s coworker. Husband calls me up shortly after I made daughter’s tutu and says, “Hey, it’s daughter’s friend’s birthday this month. I figured it would be awesome if you could make her a tutu and wings.”

I went, “… Sure, a tutu is no problem.”

“And wings. She can’t be a fairy princess without wings.”


So I figured I’d make wings from nylons. I really didn’t think I’d have enough time to make another set of wings like that, and wings from nylons would be fast, right? So I made the armature.

Two coat hangers taped together in the middle.

Turns out that what we got were tights, and they were entirely wrong to fit over the armature. I mean, they fit… But they were strong enough to bend the coat hanger armature out of shape. So I’d have to do fabric wings.

I found a suitable fabric, traced the outline of the armature, cut out two for each wing, and zigzag stitched them together around the edge. I went most of the way around before slipping the armature in and finishing them up. WAY faster. If I ever make anymore, I’m totally doing it this way again.

So here they are, with the tutu.

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