Creative Creativing

I was chatting with some friends online a few days ago about Etsy’s “featured shop” or whatever, and how completely ridiculous some of the questions were. Like, “How do you get out of your creative ruts?” A few people mentioned getting drunk or sleep-deprived and then talking to friends. I have tantrums. Quiet tantrums, all in my head. They tend to go a little like, “This is crap. Everything I make is crap. I’ll never be as good as (insert crochet artist/designer here). I can’t believe anyone would ever want to buy my stuff. I should just close my shops and stop selling my crap because it’s crap.” The length of my tantrum depends, usually on my coffee-consumption, how long I’ve been staring at the same project in the same state of unfinished-osity. And then on the tail-end of the tantrum, I’ll get it finished, usually in a rush of productivity.

I’ll never be Etsy’s featured shop. 😉 “Everything is crap,” is not a very “creamy” inspirational message.

My workspace, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but it shows up in a lot of my more recent in-progress pictures that I’ve been putting up on Facebook.

There it is, in all its dignified glory. Coffee, scissors, hook(s). Pliers, wire-cutters. Scraps of yarn. A LOT of scraps of yarn. Wire, my amigurumi dummy… At night I’ll put on the headphones so that I can listen to music after the kids are asleep. Goldfish that I’ve taken away from my son and haven’t made it back into the kitchen yet. You can see Sleipnir’s back half on the left, that’s the small area where I’ll stand/sit finished project components, and Odin’s feet on top of my little felted house (a gift from a friend) on top of my computer which is the other place I stick finished bits. You can sort-of see the reflection of my phone on the right by the reflection of my mouse. Sometimes I’ll put the coffee over there so I have more room on my left to stand things as needed. My yarn goes either on the printer (what the paper towel is sitting on) or on the floor on my right side- which is also where my stuffing goes.

I dream of one day having a studio that I can fill with yarn and actual displays (I have a couple ideas for larger area-display things that I want to do eventually some day).

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