Highland Turtles

Or something. I tackled this month’s first crochet along and my daughter loves it! She picked out the colors and I put it together while she was out with Daddy watching “Princess Movie” (Brave). The pattern is here. It’s a really quick little pattern and he turns out pretty adorable!

Macro was not on, so he’s a little fuzzy.

And I finished Highland Dance Fairy. I was really thinking I was going to put her in an Aboyne dress, but then I realized that not only would the plaid on the back be tough to get right, but I’d have to make her an underskirt, and I think that would have just been too much bulk. So I put her in the standard kilt outfit. The wings went together a lot better this time, I think. She’s pre-premier (I couldn’t get the hose right). There’s a few technical issues with the outfit, but I’m pretty happy with the way she turned out.

And a close-up on the back of the wings.

That’s a gray gingham charm from Sunkissed by Sweetwater.

2 responses to “Highland Turtles

  1. I would love your pattern for your Irish Dancer.. Is there a chance you could email it to me? DblSouthernGirl@aol.com

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