Holy Crap It’s Hot

It’s not as hot here as it is other places, but there’s the heat index… IS IT WINTER YET?

The kids are getting a little restless from being cooped up inside. We made it out early this morning to go and play at the nearby school, but that’s only going to last for another hour or two and then all of the energy will be back. I wish we had a yard. I would set up a little kiddy pool with a slide, slather on some SPF 2500 (we’re all pale, pale people) and sit outside all day long.

It does give me an excellent opportunity to get some crocheting done. I made a dragon for my son and now I’m getting another one done. I’m not really happy with it. I’m hoping it’ll pull together when it’s all done, but right now it kind of just looks like an orange cow.
Image(I tend to use whatever I’m working on as a pincushion for my yarn needle, or I’ll lose the yarn needle.)

I recently bought myself a Clover crochet hook and I’m in love. My original hooks are Red Heart hooks, which are no longer being sold. I love them. They’re brushed aluminum so they’re fast, they’re small enough for my tiny hands, but I only have G, H, and I. I got some smaller hooks so that I could get more different kinds of yarn on my amis to get the effect I wanted, and someone recommended Clover to me. LOVE.

I’ve also been taking some breaks from crochet (’cause I’ve been hitting it pretty hard) and playing computer games. Zoo Tycoon 2 (which my daughter calls Animal Game) and Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. I was a big fan of the Jagged Alliance franchise, so when a new one came out (and went on sale) I was all, “I WANT IT!” It’s… Different. Now that I’m used to it, I like the pause-able combat better than the turn system. The graphics could use some work (or a lot of work) but I’m really enjoying it.

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