They’re done!!! I made them using reference pictures (gogo Google) ’cause I wanted them to be a little more realistic than my little ones. I still need to figure out how to make the head and neck one piece so that that can have more than one head position.

I think shaping the bodies and the legs (especially on the mare) were the most challenging part of this. Her hind legs are still a little narrow at the top, but that’s not a Big Deal.

I’m also not entirely happy with her hair, but she looked funny with just her tail combed out, so I did her mane too.
The colt was a pain. The yarn kept splitting on me and my hands got a little crampy, but he’s done.

I was initially going to use fun fur for the colt’s hair and do the mare’s in a matching shade of acrylic, but that didn’t have the look I wanted when I got it into a chain, and it’s not stable enough to just use strands of it. They both had nostrils too, but I couldn’t get the colt’s nostrils right, so I just took them off. They match my dolls a little better without the nostrils anyway.

Next up are a couple of dragons for my son, and then a whale shark and an interesting project for a friend. “Interesting.” I may take a break for the night and play some Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, though.

2 responses to “Unicorns

  1. Please tell me how you made them. They are awesome.

    • Thank you! Lots of trial and error- and wire! The legs are made in two parts, the hoof and the fetlock is one part and the rest of the leg is the other. I based the mare (mostly) off of a Hanoverian.

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