WiP Tuesday?

Tomorrow is going to be filled with errands and grocery shopping and stuff, so I figured I’d sit down and do a WiP post today while I was waiting for lunch to be ready.

I really only have one project on the go although I have several more in mind. My next dancing fairy is going to be a Highland dancing fairy (and I think I’ve figured out how to do the kilt, but the hose is stumping me- I may need to put her in a Nationals costume) but for right now, I’m making this.

It’s going to be a unicorn mare, and then I’ll be making a unicorn foal. I think her legs are a little too long, I might make the next version with them a little shorter. But I wanted to get a horse done so that not only could I start making unicorns, but I could start adding horses in with my doll-amis. I have a dream about doing Odin on Sleipnir, with Hugin and Munin, and Geri and Freki- and in order to make Sleipnir, I first need to be able to make a horse. So, unicorn!

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