The first thing I made was a red panda. And I stopped halfway through (after getting the underbelly on and the legs done, but not sewn together) and was convinced that it was utter crap and it would look horrible when I got it all sewn together.

It’s not that bad. It looks kinda like a red panda.

I made it for my son, but I think that because it’s more rust than actually red, he’s not too keen on it. So I may need to re-home it.

As I was making the red panda, my daughter said that I needed to make something for her, too. Ok. So I gave her the Zoo Tycoon 2 book (it has tiny pictures of all the available animals) and asked her to pick something she wanted me to make. She picked an elephant. My original thought was to make an African elephant. I know there are two different main species (with more subspecies inside them), but when I got to looking at the elephants my daughter wanted to get involved. So I asked her what she wanted. She said she wanted the little one (Asian elephant) and then I asked her if she wanted a boy elephant with tusks, or the girl elephant without tusks. She said she wanted the girl elephant “with no tuckses.” So I made a female Asian elephant with no “tuckses.” I tried to get it as close to the actual Asian elephant anatomy as I could, but she is missing the head bumps.

Both patterns are available in my pattern places.

2 responses to “Animals!

  1. The tail on your red panda turned out really good! Looks like a real one!

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