Kassia the Thief

This is going to get a little babbly, so bear with me.

Years and years ago, I dabbled in pencil sketching. I didn’t have the right technical skills to get any good at it so I stopped, but one of my favorite things to draw was high-fantasy-esque characters (old D&D, old 80s/90s-style fantasy).

But now, this is something I can do in crochet! So I made Kassia.

Kassia is a thief. She’s actually based on a character I drew, probably about 12 years ago. I think it’s a part of my “creative process” (or whatever you want to call it that sounds a little less pompous) that I get discouraged halfway through because I don’t like the way something is turning out, and start planning my next project. (And since I’m still waiting on my yarn for the red panda, my next project is going to be a strawberry poison dart frog.)

I got her shirt done, which was originally black, and I didn’t like the way she looked. Her belt was too big, her shirt made her arms look awkward, and she looked a lot like a male wrestler. So I took off the belt and shirt, slimmed the belt down into just a line of chain and gave her breasts. And then remade the shirt so that I could contour it for her breasts, and even though you can’t see it, it’s actually two pieces that are “laced up” at the sides under her arms. And she has mad cleavage.

I’m pretty happy with how she turned out. Originally she was going to have more knives, but they just looked awkward, so I stuck to the one in her boot.

So. Next up, strawberry poison dart frog. And then (hopefully my yarn will have arrived, it’s apparently stuck in Kentucky) the red panda.

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