So I made Kali.

I love her. I wasn’t sure I was going to like her. I really kinda didn’t when I had just the limbs and facial features on, but then she grew on me as I started adding more details.

AND! Hair!!! I was dreading doing the hair with tying the knots all over her head, so I went a-Googling and found this tutorial on the K and J Dolls blog and I was all, “OMG I HAVE TO DO THAT.” So that’s what I did. I love the result. She has a nice, full head of hair and I didn’t spend a day and a half doing it. I’m not sure that I would wig that way with a doll intended for children- I think the knot method would be a lot sturdier- but Kali isn’t for kids.

I’m hoping that explaining these will get a lot easier as the kids get older. “What’s that, Mama?” “That’s a head.” (pause) “That’s Kali’s friend, and she carries him around with her.”

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