Organizing Dummy

That’s me. Sometimes I feel like an organizing dummy, that’s for sure!

I finally got some bins to organize with. It’s not my ideal set-up, but since we have so little room, it’ll do for now. It works! So I spent most of Monday sorting out fabric, and then some of Tuesday and Wednesday figuring out what to do with my yarn. I still have a third bin, but I’m not sure if I’m going to put my minis-stuff in it, or use it for finished projects. I think I’ll put the minis-stuff in it, and get another small bin for my finished projects. I think. I’ll sort it out.

I don’t have any before pictures, because that would have been a little too frightening, I think… But here are my 18-gallon bins with fabric and yarn.


That’s my stash. There’s a couple of things missing from it, but for the most part, it’s there. I had a LOT of fun sorting through my fabric, I found a lot of things that I’d completely forgotten I had.


That’s all of my same-thickness worsted weight that I use for most of my amigurumi. Strangely, I thought there was more of it than there is. But there’s another box with my other yarn in it.


All of my “fun” yarn and just the different weight (or thickness of worsted weight!) I feel a lot better with everything all cleaned up and organized. And I found yarn that I forgot I had, of course! 😀

And the dummy part… Besides me, I mean!


Design dummy! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. Now when I go to make a new amigurumi, I have a basic template to work from. I’m going to be making some more that are the same basic shape, with alterations for each new doll (dancing fairies, Kali’s coming up soon), and now I have a dummy to look at to see where I need to change colors and sew on skirts and all that other good stuff.

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