Ganesh and Other Stuff

I promised an update on Facebook a few days ago. I’ve been a busy little beaver.

First of all, Ganesha is DONE. I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. He’ll be put into my shop very soon.


AND I made a whole bunch of Serenity-inspired minis. That’s Mal (or Captain Tightpants), Kaylee, the ship, and a little 3D version of the bear patch on Kaylee’s coveralls.


And and… I’m about halfway through making some more tiny horsie-things. That’s all the bits, I just need to sew them all together. As soon as I get them all sewn together and add the mane and tail, I’ll get some pics of them and then put the pattern together.


I’ve been floundering a little on what to make next. I want to do some mini dragons that will be about the same size as the tiny horsie-things. I also want to make a pirate dog, finish up the set of “castle” minis and put the pattern together, or make a mermaid. So I’m hoping I get some inspiration for SOMETHING by the time I get all of the tiny horsie-things sewn together.

Some dollhouse stuff, but I’ll make a separate post for that soon.

And, maybe the thing I’m most excited about, I’m getting storage stuff tonight!!! I’ll finally be able to contain my yarn and my fabric (and other craft stuff) in a way that makes sense.

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