Changing Directions

This may not make a whole lot of sense because my coffee hasn’t even brewed yet, let alone me having some, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

All of my Etsy listings have been deactivated again today in support of keeping Etsy handmade. The details are here. But if you’ve been keeping up with it, you may have already noticed that about two-thirds of my listings are gone.

I’m moving to mostly patterns and ready-made items that are more geared towards adults. It’s just not cost and/or time effective for me to keep the other stuff in there. Sure, they got views… But with a lot of things, in order to price competitively I was pricing such that I was only making a dollar or two for my time. Some of that was due to my flat-rate shipping restriction, but it still makes it just not worth my time.

So I’m making things like Ganesh (who’s still on hold because I’m working on stuff for a trade with the lovely and talented Jewel Renee). There will be an Oxford Comma amigurumi coming out soon, more mythological and fantasy creatures, more costumed animal softies, and ready-made gourmet dishes rendered in crochet.

I’ll still have my body parts as made-to-order, and I’m thinking of doing a line of microbes. And the hats and stuff. And custom orders, of course.

So the shop will look a little bare again for a while. I’m also going to update my Wepay shop (for a Paypal/Etsy-free alternative which will be a little cheaper than the Etsy shop) and get all of my patterns available on Ravelry (which will also be a little cheaper than my Etsy shop)

And now for something completely different: I will also be adding a page soon with abbreviations and links for crochet stuff. I’ve started it, I just need to iron it out. Not learn-to-crochet, but just a quick list of the abbreviations I use and links for more of the advanced stuff (hello, foundationless crochet).

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