WIP Wednesday!

It’s been forever, so here we are. Stuff I’m working on. I’m also a list-maker, so I’m going to list projects I *want* to do/am halfway through/have planned out in the near future.

Ok. I mentioned on Facebook that I’m making Ganesh. Which I am. I’m right in the middle of Ganesh. However, halfway through Ganesh, I had to stop to make a baby hat for a friend who had their baby early. So.

Baby hat:


And Ganesh is still on hold because the children decided they needed Wall-E and Eve from Wall-E. So here’s what I have done of Wall-E.
Upside-down wheels. I’ll be getting the tread done, finishing them up, and then it shouldn’t take me long to whip through the rest of Wall-E. And then… Free Wall-E pattern for everyone!

Baby hat

In Construction:

Concrete plans for “soon”:
-Redo witch and vampire minis so I can clean up that pattern
-(find Mrs. Claus and) Take pictures of other minis to clean up those patterns
-make king and wizard (and remake princess) to finish up medieval set and organize pattern
-figure out dragons
-make liver, gall bladder

So that’s the list for now. There are also a bunch of things that I want to do in the “sometime” category, but that’s what I want to accomplish soon. This list is, of course, subject to change at the drop of a hat when I get inspiration for “OMG I NEED TO MAKE THIS NOW!”

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