The Craft Frog is Moving!

And I hope you’ll all come with me! I am in the process of setting up a little page on WordPress right now. As soon as I figure out how to import all of my old posts, change all of the links on Facebook, and go through and change all of the links in Ravelry…

There is one major reason for this. Etsy has been making a lot of questionable business decisions lately. The “a factory of workers in another country is TOTES a collective!”, complete with changing the TOS to reflect that, through the very recent wedding registry debacle. I would like to give less money to Etsy. I don’t have the time right now to devote to setting up and maintaining another new website right now, so I can set up my Wepay shop through WordPress! (The Etsy store will stay open for now.)

So what does any of this have to do with Blogger? Well, Blogger has done well for me, but again… I just don’t have the time right now to manage so many pages. And since WordPress is a blogging site, it just makes sense to move everything over there.

In addition, I will also be changing my for-sale patterns so that they can be purchased directly through Ravelry. Right now, they’re linked up with Etsy, but I would MUCH rather give money to Ravelry than Etsy.

The bloggie posts will continue as normal. They’ll just be on another site! I’ll make another post when everything is ready to go, and I’ll leave this open for a little while after that… And then I will close this blog.

3 responses to “The Craft Frog is Moving!

  1. Can you add a RSS feed button? It’s eaiser for me to follow blogs in my google reader then in my e-mail. If not no worries, I’ll follow you either way =D

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