The Harrison Dollhouse, L

This is the last lettered post I’m going to do. After this, I’m just going to finish all the outside trim at the same time, then all of the inside trim, as well as my extra partitions. So the next two Harrison posts will probably be pic-heavy, especially the last one…

BUT! My kit for the Creatin’ Contest will be here today. Should be. Should be here today. So I’m going to try and get as much done (during naptime) as I can, and then I will probably be breaking into the new one. I have so many ideas floating through my head, but until I actually get it together I’m not really going to be able to get anything concrete done.

Also, just a quick note here about GOOD hobby suppliers, after the debacle I had with that Amazon seller. is where I’m getting all of my “building” supplies, plus they’re the ones holding the Creatin’ Contest. The prices are pretty good, and they have an automatic 10% off when you order over the internet. They are also on Amazon as Hobby Builders Supply.
Stuff4crafts has all the other stuff. Paint, scrapbook paper, skinny sticks… They have fast shipping and the prices are comparable to my local craft store, as far as paint and stuff go. They are also on Amazon, but I like navigating through their separate site a little more.

Anyway… The balcony. It’s done. I still need to get little doorknobs, but I’m thinking I’ll make some out of polymer clay and glue them on with Super Glue later. It was pretty straightforward to put together, just finish the door bits completely (varnish and everything) before gluing them together with the acetate windows. I also added the first coat of varnish to the entire exterior, as well as the second coat to the balcony and walls surrounding the balcony.


2 responses to “The Harrison Dollhouse, L

  1. Wow! I wish I could live in a house like that!

  2. ME TOO! In scale, it's WAY bigger than our apartment! And hardwood floors? YES PLEASE! 😀

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