I’m back! Vacation was fantastic. We got to see some family and they got to meet the kids and the weather was FABULOUS!!! I want to live in Southern California. Hah. We’ll see!!

Since being home, I’ve done some work on my dollhouse- the new kit and the other stuff I ordered should ship soon, so I’m hoping to have the entire exterior (excluding the roof, ’cause I need more shingles) finished by the time it gets here. There will be a dollhouse-y update soon, ’cause I finished the next part and there are actual pictures on my computer for it right now!

I’ve done some crochet, too. I need to break down and get more pictures done soon so I can update the shop. I’m also going to change the patterns I’m offering just a little- the ones currently for sale will still be for sale but they’ll be a little reorganized. Just need more time for more pictures and making things to do it!

I am out of coffee, so I’ll sign off with a picture!

2 responses to “I’m BACK!

  1. You should totally move to So. Cal! LOL Not that I'm partial to it or anything, being that I live in Long Beach 😉

  2. LOL If we can swing it, we want to. But it's a big if at this point. ;)Also, WASN'T THE WEATHER GORGEOUS LAST WEEK? Like, caps lock inducing gorgeous!!

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