Going On Vacation!

We are going on vacation! We’ll be gone all of next week, visiting the opposite coast. My kids will be able to see the ocean (the better ocean *cough*) and there will be mountains and things (if there’s not too much smog) and it will be GLORIOUS! I’m excited. I haven’t actually gone somewhere on vacation in years and years and I’m really looking forward to it. Plus, I get to meet some of Mr Craftfrog’s family and meet an internet friend! Yay internet friends! To be honest, I’m a little nervous, both about the plane (I can get claustrophobic when I’m tired) and about getting through TSA with the kids and my inhaler and all that happy stuff. But it will be good. We’re going on vacation and it will be a good thing!

I’m getting through my minis quickly! I don’t have pictures of all of the ones I’ve done yet, that’ll probably be put off until after we get back. I only wish I could take a crochet hook on the plane. :/

I am still plugging away at the dollhouse. It’s probably going to be put on an extended hold shortly after we get back, but I’ve got the first coat of varnish on the outside and now I’m looking at getting the french doors on for the balcony. I’m still cycling through what I actually want to do for the Creatin’ Contest. I have a feeling that I’m not going to decide 100% until I actually have the kit put together in front of me.

4 responses to “Going On Vacation!

  1. I've gone threw Long Beach, Ca & Seattle & LAX & Phoenix airports with metal and bamboo crochet hooks in my carry on's. Just food for thought.Have an AWESOME vacation!!!!! =D

  2. your inhaler will not be a problem as I have one too and traverled form LAX to JFK. I didnt have issues with my crochet hooks or knitting needles. I did purchase "kid" sissors and some really small sissors too for the trip and had no problems with TSA. Good thing to do is read up on all the security messures at your local airport and the one you will be landing in.

  3. Thank you! I've heard some people get to take theirs and some people gets theirs confiscated, so I'll go better safe than sorry. I'm sure the kids will keep my busy anyway. 😀

  4. My inhaler didn't have a label right on it (it was on the box), but we were able to get a replacement so that's all sorted out!

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