The Harrison Dollhouse, K

All about the trim. This took a while. Everything had to be sanded and painted (two coats) and there’s just so much trim! And to be perfectly honest, about halfway through I got a little discouraged that there was just so much and I wasn’t making a dent, so there were a few days that I just didn’t work it at all. But it’s all up now!

A couple of minor things- the schematics have a slight mismatch to what is actually on the sheet in a couple of places, just match the pieces up by size. There are supposed to be 3 Tudor Trim 11 and 1 Tudor Trim 10, but there are two of each. They are almost the same size, so it’s not such a big deal.

Absolutely number all of the pieces as soon as you take them out of the wood. SO MUCH TRIM!

Also, someone’s already picked out his room.


It’s all fairly straightforward to glue on. As long as everything is numbered correctly, just follow the diagram. I put the triangle-shaped gable-trim on before the gingerbread trim on the gables, so it’s not all gappy and funny-looking. Also make sure the removable section of the roof is off before you glue that piece of trim on.


Tower side

Bay window side

Next is the balcony, and then all of the windows and doors. I think I’m going to get the main structure of the balcony up and then start doing touch-ups. The chimney needs another coat, some of the paint has gone missing when I pulled tape off, and there’s some tabs and that need more paint. I want to get most of the touch-ups done before I get the windows in, because I have a fear of painting the windows.

One response to “The Harrison Dollhouse, K

  1. I found one of these in the garbage that had been cobbled and parts missing so I have been milling my own trim pieces to match had to put the front and side porch roofs on (make them first) repair shingles and staircases rewire the house for lights so I can feel your pain…..

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