The Harrison Dollhouse, F

Let me start off with the resolution to my Amazon vendor issue. I called Amazon directly and they told me that since there were broken bits, it was a separate issue and I would have to email the vendor again. I did, asking for a partial refund and when I was going to get my shipping refund.

I got the refund, and my shipping refund, but they still wouldn’t tell me their name. Seriously? Who does that?

Anyway. Let me follow up with a happy comment about a different company. or Hobby Builder’s Supply through Amazon is FANTASTIC. Seriously. From now on, I will be doing all of my miniatures-shopping through them that I can.

Anyway. The house. This part took a while to finish, even though it really shouldn’t have. I had orders to complete and stuff like that, so it got sort-of pushed to the backburner for a while…

It’s the roof. The main roof. I decided to wallpaper the sloping roof bits that formed the walls, and I wallpapered everything before I put it up. I figured that the angles would be weird and possibly inaccessible afterward. It was pretty straightforward. You can’t really see it, but I did end up finding my other white paint and painting the flat ceiling part and roof gussets white.


From the front.




Master bedroom

Also, I created a partition for an en suite bathroom for the master bedroom upstairs. I took my unused staircase partition b and glued two bay window cut-outs to the end of it to form an L-shaped partition. To get it to dry straight, I dried it up against one of my existing walls.


And here it is from the inside, wallpapered.


You can see in the master bedroom picture that the left wall has the matching wallpaper where the bathroom will go, and then the two papers of the main room behind it. They don’t meet where the wall will go. There will be a little bit of the yellow paper in the main room, but you won’t be able to see it so I’m not really worried about it.

I did the removable roof section as it states in the directions to do it, without hinges. Not a big deal.


And the removable part.


You’ll notice that it’s all a bit gappy, which I kind of figured it would be. There’s going to be a chair rail in the master bedroom where the two different kinds of paper meet, and I’m planning on doing a simple trim along all of the other ceiling edges to have some pretty woodwork upstairs (and to hide that!).

I may come back and edit this post. I’m feeling a little scattered right now and I’m not sure that everything is where it needs to be- or even makes sense!!!

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