Amazon Vendor Rant

This is my only negative experience with an Amazon vendor thus far, and as a warning, I’m going to get ranty.


I ordered two packages of dollhouse shingles on March 3 with the 3-5 business day shipping option. There was an estimated delivery window of March 8-March 13.

On March 11, I received an email from Amazon saying that they hadn’t received a shipping notification yet. Fair enough! Sometimes these things fall though the cracks. So I emailed them and asked for a time frame of when I could expect shipping. I got this response:

hi you should be shipping out soon. Have to check with the warehouse on monday. sorry for delay. thanks

That’s a direct quote. I wish it wasn’t. No punctuation, the sentence structure is atrocious, there’s no names attached to the email… I couldn’t believe how unbelievably unprofessional that was. And it felt dismissive. Like… I would have appreciated something like, “I appreciate your concern. I won’t be able to check until tomorrow when the warehouse is open, but I’ll see what’s going on and get back to you.” Signed.

So I sent a reply the following morning, March 12. Things went downhill from there. I told them that the tone was dismissive, that the email was almost insulting in its lack of professionalism, and that my question wasn’t answered. Given that the maximum estimated delivery date would be the following day, I told that them that I thought it was only fair that my order was overnighted at their expense, or they refunded my shipping. There was no way that a package would get from New York to Alabama before the shipping estimate was up.

I received a fairly prompt response, brushing off my concern that they were being dismissive and not addressing the lack of professionalism. I was, however, told that I should receive my order close to March 13, and that they (whoever they was) would get back to me later that day.

I emailed again the following morning, March 13 asking if we were going to be able to work this out, or if I was waiting to file a claim with Amazon on Friday.

They emailed back, offering to cancel the order or refund my shipping charge.

I sent them a final email saying that they could either cancel the order and refund the full amount, or ship by close of business the following day either priority or overnight.

Three minutes later- literally three minutes- I received an email stating that my order had shipped. The transaction for the full amount showed up in my bank account. I called Amazon to complain about them and let them know that the refund hadn’t shown up yet, and sat down to wait.

I received my order today.


For those of you unfamiliar, dollhouse shingles are cut from very thin birch sheets and are fairly fragile. If we’re looking at flat rate options, they could have gone snugly in a padded envelope with some extra stuff to secure them, or the best option would have been a medium box, again wrapped well to secure them.

I’m not happy. I’m never ordering from them again.

And my shipping refund still hasn’t shown up.

8 responses to “Amazon Vendor Rant

  1. Sorry about your experience. I had one bad vendor Amazon experience at Christmas time and it has made me wary of ordering anything that isn't directly from Amazon because Amazon did nothing to the vendor and the item was relisted even though it was clear the vendor could not provide the item. Thankfully I did get a refund, but as it was Christmas I actually did want the item I ordered.

  2. Wow, I understand you there, I had ordered a book for my dad christmas before last. It never showed, though I received an e-mail saying it shipped. So e-mailed them and got a refund. But seriously people need to be professional!

  3. I can understand your reaction. I have had some good and some bad experiences with amazon vendors. Let amazon know! I had one vendor who sent me a card word set that had been kept in somewhere very damp. The were dirty and stank! I got my money back but I wasn't the first that had the same experience.

  4. No good! 😦 Yay for the refund, though. :/

  5. For reals!! I can't even imagine answering any "business" emails like that. It just boggles the mind.

  6. I'm planning on calling them again today. :/ Ewwww, I can't believe people think it's ok to do business like that, you know?

  7. I personally have never had a bad experience with any vendors on Amazon. But that's because I have had many people tell me horror stories like yours. One friend of mine ordered a toy for her little sister for Christmas this year and still has not received either the item or a refund although she has emailed the vendor many times. I will NEVER order from vendors on Amazon. I would rather pay more money and order it directly from Amazon then have to deal with anything like this.

  8. Ugh, that's horrible. 😦 I try to order from Amazon directly too, but they don't have a lot of "hobby" stuff directly through them. :/

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