The Harrison Dollhouse, D and E

I did both of these bits kind of at the same time. There was a lot of gluing a couple of things and waiting for them to dry, so I figured I would get started on the next part too!

D deals with getting the bay windows up, and E is throwing the partitions up on the third floor. I found I would have the same problem with the bay windows that I would have with the tower. The directions are all, “Wallpaper/paint first, then assemble!” and I was all, “NO!” so then I had to figure out how to add the wallpaper after the bays were assembled.

My first block was that while there is a window seat, there’s nothing across the top of the bay window. It just sort of goes up to where the ceiling is. And you can see it. So that would look funny, because I wouldn’t be able to wallpaper up there. My solution was to take thin cardboard (like, cereal box cardboard) and trace the shape of the window seat and cut it out.


The ones on the inside are the cardboard bits. I painted them white to match the ceiling (and trimmed them so they would fit flush with the wall), stained the window seats, painted the outside of the bay walls and then assembled the entire side bay unit. Which meant putting up the walls and waiting for them to dry.


And then putting in the window seat and little ceiling.


As soon as those were dry, I wallpapered both floors of the side bay window unit, getting the ones that face toward the front of the house through the spaces in the front. I have small enough hands that I was able to glue the trim on through the side window spaces themselves, so I went ahead and assembled the front bay unit in the same way.

After it was all dry, I cut out the windows and stained and put in the inside window trim. It was a little tight on the side bay windows with the ceiling there, but I picked the skinnier trim pieces and got it all to fit together (mostly).


Then the third floor, which was started in between waiting for stuff to dry. Really quick and easy, two partitions and the front gable had to be glued into place. The “secret” room really should be wallpapered before the roof goes on, and there’s a little notch in the bathroom where the back roof support goes in that I thought would be tricky to wallpaper after, so I did both rooms. I didn’t wallpaper the big room for a couple of reasons. For one, I wanted to put another partition in there and I didn’t quite know how it was going to fit and where it was going to go. And then… I had to figure out HOW I was going to wallpaper the room! It’s big. Really big. It’s huge. And instead of being the 8″ ceilings, they go up a long, long way. Four sheets of scrapbook paper is just not going to cover the whole room. But, I’ve figured out how I’m going to do it so that it doesn’t look *too* funny. And I’m making another partition.


I’m almost out of white paint- I certainly don’t have enough to do the ceiling for the third floor. I’m debating on a solution that I don’t know if it’ll look good, or just look funny. Although! I might have some white acrylic paint stashed away somewhere in my craft closet… I’ll have to have a look. If I don’t have white paint and I decide that my idea is crap, then I’ll be doing inside trim (molding, etc) until I can get some more paint in a couple of days. So I don’t know what’s coming next… But there will be pictures!!

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