Thursday’ing It Up

My lack of crochet-related updates doesn’t mean I haven’t done any, I just haven’t done anything new and/or haven’t taken pictures.

I did re-finish a baby blanket I had for a friend. No picture. It took longer than I thought it would, but it’s done.

I made a hat. I used this pattern:
Also no picture. I had a couple of issues with the pattern. The first one, the gauge was NOT accurate. Like, at all. It says that 5 puff stitches should be 2″. Following the gauge (more like 1.75″) I got a shopping bag. I redid the gauge at 1.5″ and I’m afraid it’s still a little big. The other problem I had was that the part between the hat and the bib seems to indicate that you cut it and finish it before starting the bib. But then the bib part starts as though you’re still attached to the hat. It is a cute hat, though.

I redid some of my food and took some pictures, and now I’m working on a Hobbes (found here) and some more eggs, and then some patterned, colored eggs for [appropriate spring holiday].

2 responses to “Thursday’ing It Up

  1. Ok so you got me poking Ravelry through your link, and now I just -have- to share this project I found! Balloon Dog in crochet!Right now this is the most awesome thing in my little brain! Holy crap! Balloon dog in crochet! You even get to twist him into shape! Brilliant! More exclamation points!

  2. Ravelry is addictive. So, so addictive. *twitch*

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