The Harrison Dollhouse, C

This is a relatively short and simple step. Or so it looks in the directions… I have a whole lot of pictures for this one, because not only did I do what it said I had to, but I figured that since I had to wallpaper two rooms anyway, why not wallpaper all six of the bottom rooms?

It started off pretty easily. Take all of the tower pieces and paint them. No big deal. But then the directions were all, “Now wall paper all of the inside tower sections individually!” And I was all, “Um no!” The wallpaper would look SO BAD at that point, and there wouldn’t be any trim to cover up the gaps. Do not want. But, it is important to wallpaper at least part of it before the entire tower goes up, because some of it will become inaccessible afterward.

So I figured, instead of wallpapering in sections, I would put the tower up in sections. It glues to the house at the top and bottom (and middle, where the second floor is) and it’s not a tight fit with the other tower pieces. So I put up the first two tower pieces.


I then wallpapered the inside on that wall, around to where the tower pieces are, and also glued on the window trim.


And then I put up the rest of the tower pieces. There are some pretty big gaps between each piece, but that will be covered by trim.


And wallpapered from the inside.


I wallpapered over the window openings, and after they were dry, cut out the windows with a sharp X-acto knife.

I wallpapered the rest of the house in pretty much the same way, and I fixed the gap at the back of the stairs in the kitchen. And! Instead of patching over the horrible spots in the middle room on the top floor, I added some birds and butterflies to the room.


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