Fotofuze and Puppy Skirts

Years ago (ok, like a year and a half) I made a shirt and a diaper for my daughter’s My Pal Violet, who she calls Puppy. This was before they changed the My Pal toys, I don’t know if the diaper and shirt would work on the new ones. Puppy faithfully wore the diaper and shirt (and also a pair of socks) for a long time. The Doggy wore the diaper and shirt (but not the socks) for a while. Then they went into the toybox for a good long time. Long time in small children time, I mean, which is probably not as long as I’m thinking.

The other day, after watching me change Brother’s diaper (at least one more year of diapers from him? Ugh.), she decided that she needed to change Puppy’s diaper. She went into the toybox and got Puppy’s diaper and I found Puppy’s shirt and we got her a “wipe” and she spent some time that afternoon changing Puppy’s diaper. And then she says, “Mama, Puppy needs some shorts.”

… Do not want to make shorts for Puppy’s stubby little legs. So I suggested a skirt. She accepted that a skirt was an acceptable alternative, but remained a little unconvinced until I went into my stash and pulled out some CUPCAKE FABRIC!! Because who doesn’t love cupcakes?


It was about a third of a yard. I just eyeballed the length from Violet’s armpits to probably an inch or so past her feet and cut and sewed. I made a simple hem by just folding over the bottom once and made an elastic casing for a length of elastic left over from when I made my daughter’s shorts that was really too short to do anything else with.

So now Puppy has a skirt. And will likely not be played with again for a while. Such is the nature of children.

And… FOTOFUZE! If you have an Etsy shop and take pictures on a white background, look into Seriously. I have a white drop sheet and I was taking pictures with the curtain open to let in natural light, but I don’t have a light box and even some of my redone pictures look all BLAH. Wrinkles and such. But Fotofuze evened out all of the backgrounds for me. I’m sold. It does brighten the pictures a little (because washed out is a “thing” on Etsy), but it makes the pictures look a lot better. So while I do still need to retake all of my pictures on a flat white background, Fotofuze will take my retaken pictures and make them even better. This actually got me a little more excited about slogging through all of my stuff again. I was getting a little disheartened, to be honest. Remake the stuff, retake the pictures, and they still didn’t look great. But now they will!

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