The Harrison Dollhouse, B

There was a lot of prep work that went into this step. Initially, I was just going to put up to the second floor on, but then I realized that some of the first floor partitions fit together with the second floor ones and I really needed to thunder through the whole thing. So everything got painted and stained. Everything. All of the outside walls, the bottoms of the second and third floors (which would be the ceilings for the first and second floors) and I drew and scored the hardwood floors on the second and third floors. The first floor has been varnished, the other two have not yet. That’s the next step.

About halfway through painting everything, I realized that I wanted to get the moveable partitions and staircases done and glued in as I assembled, so I also did that. The stairs came together pretty much just like the directions said. I glued in the bottom and top risers first and waited for them to dry, and then put the rest of the risers and then the treads on. The schematics for the sheets with the stairs on them are WRONG, but they are the same sheets. As long as you keep in mind that the risers are shorter and narrower than the treads, you’ll be fine. And there are two extra risers, which is explained in the directions. I stained and varnished all of the stairs that would go on the second floor, but only the risers and treads of the stairs that went on the first floor.

First floor. The middle room is going to be my kitchen. If you follow the directions for the staircase partitions, there’s an A, B, and C, which makes a little hallway across the front and then a short wall on the left side. Did not want that. Was not interested. So I only used staircase partition A. I also decided that instead of a tiny little closet, I wanted to turn the nook behind the staircase into a useable space (I have visions of wood-burning ovens), so I glued the closet door into the closet door frame and glued that onto the back of the stairs and now it’s a solid surface I can wallpaper over. The rest of the staircase back wasn’t a problem, BUT. I would recommend leaving the skinny staircase back piece that goes at the top of the whole thing until after you have your staircase installed. I did it beforehand and now I have a gap between it and the ceiling.


I did wallpaper the inside of staircase partition A before I glued it on to the side of the staircase.

For the moveable partition, I trimmed off one of the ends (because it didn’t leave a large enough opening with the recessed front). I took about an inch off. I also cut just a little bit out of the other side, so that it would fit together with the second floor support.


For the actual assembly, I put the recessed front, second floor support, and fixed first floor partition in and glued them and let them dry. I don’t think I would do it that way again, I think I would just keep going and let it all dry at the end. But I did. I stained the bannister for the staircase, and then wallpapered the fixed partition where the staircase would go because it would be a pain to try and wallpaper after. I did the same thing for the fixed second floor partition, before it went in the house. And then… Mostly just put it all together like the directions said. Except. I failed at reading comprehension and put on the side walls before the third floor. Don’t do that. I had to wrestle the third floor into place if I’d used a hot glue gun, I would have been screwed. I glued the staircases and the moveable partitions in and taped them in place just before gluing on the floor above them.

I’m pretty happy with how it looks. There are a few things I’m going to have to figure out, like that gap on the back of the first floor staircase. I’ve never seen one of these dollhouses with the moveable partitions in, even in all of my online scouring, and I do have to say that even with the extra partitions in the rooms are a pretty good size. I’m actually going to further divide one of the first floor rooms with a half-wall, but I’ll get into that later.


From the front. I have a lot of crap on my craft table.


From the back. You can see said craft table crap through the windows. 😀


The middle room on the second floor. You can see where I’ll have to patch the wallpaper from where I glued the staircase in the wrong spot.


Down the first floor stairs. You can sort-of see the wallpaper on both sides.


Down the second floor stairs.

2 responses to “The Harrison Dollhouse, B

  1. That looks fantastic, Joy! I can't wait to see it complete.

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