I Made A Tiny Thing

Because tiny things are awesome.

You can find her here.

That (artistically slightly unfocused) tiny fairy is sitting on my small finger. Seriously, I have the hands of a pre-teen. So she’s actually smaller than she looks? I don’t know, something.

I needed a break. I needed a break from slogging through food patterns and re-doing frog skeleton parts (why did I glue them together, WHY???) so I decided to “whip up” a tiny fairy. So much as one can whip up something you need to peer at through glasses and take out a bunch of times because the stitches were either too big or not big enough.

 I super have plans for a tiny gnome. And tiny animals that are actually more animal-like and less anthropomorphic. And the anthropomorphic stuff too. More things on my list of things “I want to make.”

More embroidery floss. That’s a 1.15mm hook. I tried the .75mm hook and I guess it wasn’t sharp enough? I had issues trying to crochet rows on top of other rows. Maybe once I’ve got the 1.15 hook down a little better, I’ll try tinier things. We’ll see.

Also, once I get the dollhouse up (it’s coming along, LOTS of prep stuff for this next part) I’ll probably get back to sculpey-ing miniatures.

I really need some organizational things. Like, those cheap plastic drawer/shelf things that you can see through? I need some of those. Fabric, yarn, Sculpey, other crafty things… I know where I would put them, too. I keep saying that I need some and it keeps not happening. Maybe soon. Hopefully soon.

3 responses to “I Made A Tiny Thing

  1. how to do goat farm in bangladesh

  2. I will totally make one. 😀

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