Good Morning!

It’s Tuesday! Happy Tuesday, everyone! Yesterday was apparently President’s Day, which is the mattress-selling holiday or something. Who knew?

Some productivity. I need to re-iron my dropsheet so I can take more pictures. And then I might make a lemon. I’ve started on the frog skeleton, but I’m waiting for some millinery wire to come in so I can actually make a skeleton and not a bunch of floppy yarn bits that sort-of vaguely suggest a frog. I don’t want to get too far into it and then have to remake it (again) because I need to wire it up. This has already happened once. So I have a little baggie with some femurs and a tibio-fibula in it floating around the living room. I also want to make a bat skeleton. But there are a lot of things I *want* to make. I’m also thinking of a series of human skeletons doing different things, but that would need to be micro crochet and it would be a lot of work. A lot. A lot a lot. We’ll see.

I’ve been up since entirely too early this morning. I’ve already finished my first cup of coffee, and my froggy mug is sadly empty. I may need to get another one. But now this has been open for about an hour because my attention is being distracted by one thing and another so it’s probably time for me to get off my butt and do something.

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