Star Trek!

I’m totally revealing one of my sooper seekrit projects. 😀 I made Star Trek kitty!


He’s a classic Trek kitty, and he was a lot of fun to make! 😀 The details were done with embroidery floss and just sewn on.

I’ve done a little work on the dollhouse. The foundation is all together on the base and I have the hardwood floor on the first floor done. I’m using tacky glue, with masking tape to clamp, so it’s not the instant gratification of banging the whole thing out at once. BUT. Tacky glue has better lasting power (especially in humid climates like mine) AND you can easily shift the pieces after they’re glued on to get the fit you want- which saved my ass with the foundation. I haven’t painted or stained yet because I figured it would be easier to do it when I could get it up off the direct table. And it looks like it will be easier. My daughter keeps asking if I’ve made the stairs yet. No stairs yet. I’m waiting on additional supplies to get here (X-acto knife, wood filler, scrapbook paper for wallpapering) so I might bust out the stairs and do them soonish rather than later. You can do them any time in The Harrison and I fully plan on using my removable partitions (and gluing them in place) so the stairs will help me see where to put them to get the size of rooms I want.

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