This Past Week

Pretty busy! I started my second secret project (I’ll have pictures of both as soon as they’ve been received and opened. I’m pretty happy with how it’s going. I was using the wrong size of hook and that provided a little frustration last night, but I should be able to finish it today and send it out on Monday.

We went to the zoo yesterday. It’s been holding pretty steady at 65-70 degrees here for the past few weeks. Like, even the cherry trees are blooming. Except yesterday. At least it wasn’t raining. We rented one of those stroller things, and my daughter spent most of our time at the zoo in her Daddy-powered princess carriage, bundled up with her princess blanket. And my son… Sigh. He spent most of the time pulling on my hand and saying “Run? Run? Run?” At the end, I was able to contain him in the stroller, thankfully. But they both slept well last night!!

AND! On Friday:


Dollhouse is here! I was worried that the delivery guy wouldn’t want to drag the 30 lb box up the stairs to our front door, so I went down to meet him.

And it gives dimensions on the box. And in the description when I got it. But I didn’t really realize how *big* 31.5″ was until I got the base of the thing out on my crafty table.


It’s big. I’ve assembled a few dollhouses before, but nothing this big. This is going to be a long-term project. Not just because of the size, but because I want this to be “finished.” Like, I spent Friday evening and some time yesterday afternoon drawing a hardwood floor onto the first floor. The next step is painting and staining, painting the foundation pieces, and then finally gluing them on.

One tip I have- if you can pick up an upholstery sample ring from a furniture store (a ring with the swatches on it, not a book where they’re glued to pages), do. Not only can it provide upholstering fabric for miniature furniture, but you can use the samples to carpets smaller dollhouse rooms.

2 responses to “This Past Week

  1. Thank you! My parents got me a couple of the rings with my first dollhouse years and years ago and they were awesome!

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