Sunday, Sunday!

It’s Sunday! I’m hoping my son will take a nap today (Grrrrrrr!!!), and soon so that I can hop in the shower. Because I’m going out WITHOUT THE CHILDREN! I’m super excited. I’m going to see “One For The Money” with a friend, and while I’m pretty sure it’s going to be completely horrible (’cause let’s face it, the books are), I’m hoping it’ll be that awesome-horrible.

I’m going through my food section of my shop right now, which means that there will very likely be new food patterns popping up frequently within the next couple of weeks. I for sure-for sure want to do some cherries and a cupcake, and I’m also tossing around the idea for some grapes and plums and CHOCOLATES. So we’ll see.

Also… I’M GETTING A DOLLHOUSE!!! Well, a dollhouse kit. I’m excited. I’m super excited. ‘Cause I’ll put it together and then I’ll have a long-term project to work towards and do, and fill it with the tiny things I love to make. So… YAY for that! Eventually I want to get myself Greenleaf’s Garfield (that’s been my dream for, like, ever) but it’s a little spendy right now and I want to start with something a little smaller and a little more reasonable (and easier to move). Something to practice on, as it were. Hopefully I’ll be able to order it on Monday and then I’ll make a very excited post about how it’s here, and then there will probably be posts about miniatures cropping up, in addition to the sewing and crochet.

And now… Shower time!

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