WiP Wednesday?

It’s Wednesday, and I really don’t have much going on, so I figured I’d start a WiP post. Even though I don’t have a lot going on. Yeah, I hadn’t really thought this through. But now I’m committed!

I’m doing another swap and so I have that going on right now. Of course, since it’s a secret swap I can’t really talk about it. Um… I hope my swappee likes it! *cough*

Next up on my project list is another secret project for a friend of mine who lives very far away. So… 0/2 at this point. I also hope she likes it!

OH!!! I did do a trade with the fabulous Jewel Renee for FROGS!!! I’m seriously dying of cute over here. LOVE!!! I really like the disgruntled froggy in the front! And did I mention she’s the sweetest person ever? EVER!

Um… I finished a couple of mature-themed items that I can’t talk about because this isn’t a mature-themed blog, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that they’re awesome. They’ll be showing up in the other shop I plan on opening.

I’ve made a slight change to my chess set plans. I’m still going to do it, but I think I might do it with micro crochet just so that I don’t have to worry about balance. The characters will be small enough and light enough that I can just glue them on and go.

I thought about quilting yesterday and I’m thinking about it again today. I have some new fabric from the last time I worked on the poor, neglected Farmer’s Wife, and I’d really like to see how I can work it into some new squares.

Speaking of micro crochet, I do want to get a smaller hook so that I can try one strand of embroidery floss and see how I get along with that. The froggy that I made was directly taken from on of my mini patterns and in a 1/12″ scale, it’s bigger than I would like it to be. So we’ll see.

Well, this was all over the place and I didn’t really say much. So, um, happy February!!!

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