Etsy and Cleaning

So today’s entry… Etsy and cleaning! 😀

I’m in the middle of going through my shop and redoing all my listings. They’re getting better pictures (which means it’s a lengthy process because everything I have in there is made-to-order). I’m almost done with my “wearables” section. I added a few things, changed some prices, and re-took some pictures (that I have to re-re-take today when my son is napping). I have two more things I need to make and then I’ll be all done. And then onto something else. Food maybe.

And… AND!!!! I’m adding shipping prices to Canada. Just Canada for now. Once I get organized, I’ll add shipping prices to other countries, but I’m kinda :/ because shipping a small flat rate box to Australia went from $11.00ish to $17.00ish. Ugh. We’ll see how that goes. Just the one section has shipping prices to Canada for now, but I’ll be going through everything and the whole shop will be done at some point!

As soon as I’m done, I’ll probably have a sale of some sort. All “Yay I’m done!” and stuff.

Now I must spend most of the day cleaning. It’s super dark and stormy out- I just told my daughter we get rain and thunder and tornadoes in Alabama instead of snow- and I’d really rather just curl up with the kids and some hot chocolate and read a good book, but until I crochet myself a self-cleaning apartment (hahaha) then I have stuff to do!

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