Stormy Thursday

It is Thursday, right? It has to be. And I’m ALL CAUGHT UP!!!! Of course, I promptly started a bunch of new projects… *cough* But it’s a sickness that can’t be stopped. AND… I started on my daughter’s wings. And by started on, I mean I think I’ve figured out an outline for the top and bottom portion of each wing and how I want them to look when they’re finished… But I’m still working out how to assemble them into finished wings and how to sew the wings onto the armatures. … I just had a stroke of inspiration while I was writing this. I may end up doing some cutting and sewing today, we’ll see. I do still have a lot of cleaning to do. I will be doing a tutorial for the wings here, too. Most of the suggestions I saw were, “Make an armature out of a wire coat hanger and just stretch panty hose across it.” That’s a really neat idea, but I’m not so sure about the practicality of it. My son is a little tornado of accidental destruction. Pantyhose snags really easily.

I recently made a car. Crocheted, I mean. It was definitely a learning experience. I have plans to make some more, but none that’ll be quite so big. I had a lot of fun doing, though, and the little guy who it was for (that phrasing looks really awkward, grammatically speaking) loves it, so that’s the important part.


It is cold and stormy here again, so it looks like we’ll get winter for another weekend. It’s a good thing that I’ve put hats and mittens for the kids in my immediate to-do list! 😀 I still haven’t done them for this year. But since we’ve been running the AC pretty regularly… Sigh.

And I’m doing Pay-It-Forward again this year! Super excited about that! No idea what I’m going to make, but it’s not going to be the same as last year. Hmmm…

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

5 responses to “Stormy Thursday

  1. You car looks good! You could use brown and make a 'tow truck' to go with it and not have to change the pattern very much.We are owners of 'store bought' wings, and well they just have pantyhose stretched over them.

  2. I was thinking how much it looked like a truck when I was making it!! :DThat's what I was afraid of with the store-bought ones, too. Or they would be super flimsy tulle or something

  3. Dear JoyOnce again you got me surprised and impressed!!!I am still trying to convince my mother to make me the doctor stuff(I don't remember exactly the English word)Is there any pattern for this lovable car?This season in Greece we are preparing decorated candles for the celebration of Easter!!My mother makes crochet stuff and I put them and decorate the candles!I would like to put it on a candle!!!!!Keep the great work!!!<3<3

  4. Thank you! 😀 I didn't actually write any of this pattern down, because I told myself I wasn't going to make another one like this one. :( has a few car patterns and this one looks kind of like mine, only smaller.

  5. Dear JoyHi againI really searched and find no car like YOURS!I would really appreciated if you had time to write a pattern for it!!!thanx Kisses from Greece

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