I Hate Spam

This is a ranty post that has nothing to do with crafty things, about something that may be hard to read about, or some people may not agree with me on. But I feel it needs to be said. So if that type of thing is not your bag, then this probably isn’t the post for you.

This morning, I got this comment on my most recent blog post: “Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog! HeatherVonSJ[at]gmail[dot]com”

My first instinct was, “Spam.” This isn’t addressed to me, and my name is posted up on my blog. I also have an email address posted on my blog, as well as links to my Facebook page and Etsy shop, where people can also contact me directly.

I cautiously emailed Heather and just a couple of minutes later, received a generic, “Thank you for your email,” form letter. At least this one was addressed to me! It turns out that Heather doesn’t actually want any information about my blog, but rather wants me to try and direct some of my traffic to her website by providing free advertising for her.

After I emailed, I Googled her email address, and it seems that Heather does this type of thing a lot. I don’t know her blog selection method, but she leaves the exact same comment on dozens of blogs at a time, and I’m willing to bet that most bloggers have an option to contact them directly. There’s a blog post here about it, where Heather herself comes in and leaves a comment about everyone’s blogs being about families and motherhood and all that other stuff. Heather, you missed the mark. Not every woman’s blog is about motherhood and families.

This is basically telemarketing, internet style. I used to work for a phone company, and they would do this same thing. They would call, leave a voicemail about being an “account representative” and call them back, and they would try and sell you their shit. It’s called inbound telemarketing in the phone world.

Heather has a blog about being a mesothelioma survivor- a blog that gets updated infrequently. I am fortunate to have family members who are cancer survivors, and I definitely feel for those afflicted with cancer. The American Cancer Society and the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation are non-profit cancer organizations. Heather’s blog’s parent site is NOT a non-profit.

I’m willing to bet that every American knows someone who’s been affected by cancer.  Everyone is someone’s parent, someone’s sibling, someone’s friend. So please, raise awareness for cancer or post links for non-profit organizations.

Heather, if you read this (which I’m doubting because you didn’t actually read my blog at all before posting your spam at me), I hope you remain healthy I wish you all the best. If you chose a different approach than internet-telemarketing, you might find that it works out better.

2 responses to “I Hate Spam

  1. I never respond to the spam. Delete and it is gone. It only encourages them whenn they get attention.

  2. Usually I do… But cancer plucks at my heartstrings, you know?

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