Happy Holidays!

Our holiday was yesterday, as well as my son’s birthday. We did them together, but this will be the last year for that because I think that by three, my son will know the difference. I don’t want his birthday to get forgotten under the Solstice.

They had a great time yesterday, playing with new toys. More new toys are coming tomorrow, and then as soon as I get a little less busy I also got some fabric to make some more stuff for them.

I promised my daughter a crown and wings. And a stiffer fairy wand. *snerk* I didn’t reinforce the shaft of hers… *cough*

And my son loves that little red monster so damn much that sometimes he’ll carry around a shirt with Elmo on it when he’s wearing his other Elmo shirt. So I got some super soft Elmo flannel and I’m just going to whip up a really quick little lovey-blankie for him to carry around with him. Also a mini-Elmo…

I have so many ideas and plans and not enough time. I’m actually thinking about putting my shop on vacation for a month or so, so I can get some of these ideas out into the real world… But for now I think that’s a bad idea and I’ll just leave it the way it is.

I did score some super awesome surprise mystery fabric, too. My daughter is really into dragons right now and I got about a half a yard of this:


And she’s super excited. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but she’s a fan.

So happy winter holiday to you, in whatever form it comes to you!

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