More Giveaway!

Last week was hats, and this week is amigurumi!! This one is open to both US and Canadian residents. Although, please be warned that if I’m shipping to Canada, it might take a bit for me to get to the post office.

What do you get? Well… You get your choice of either a uterus:


OR two minis of your choice. What are minis? Minis are 4″ tall crochet dolls that are cute enough to sit on your mantel, and sturdy enough for kids to play with. If you need inspiration, you can go here and pick two of anything there, or you can say things like, “I want a cow and a pirate.” And I will totally make you a cow and a pirate.

So. Leave me a comment about which one you want- generally, if you want minis you don’t have to say which ones you want right now- and this will close Wednesday, December 21 at midnight CST. I’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner on Thursday and then I’ll create and ship within two weeks (possibly a little longer if I’m shipping to Canadia). And. If you are a no-reply blogger and I can’t get an email address from your profile, you will also need to leave that because I fail at internet-mind-reading and I need a way to contact you.

And… if you can’t leave a comment because it won’t let you, you can email me at thecraftfrog at hotmail dot com and I’ll comment for you.

36 responses to “More Giveaway!

  1. Those minis are so CUTE! I was looking at the Uterus thinking "That'd be hilarious to make for xmas for my mum, wonder if the pattern is available." And then I looked and saw it was. SWEET! Hopefully I'll find time to make it by next week šŸ™‚

  2. Ooooh! If I won I'd love Yoda and the steampunk octopus!

  3. Comment for Beeby!!

  4. I love love love your uterus.. Altho I am torn between that and wanting a Snake and a Snatch (semi long story) minis!!!email: annethrax at rocketmail dot com

  5. I bought your hamburger play set for my niece for Christmas and it is soooo stinkin cute. Its been nearly impossible to keep my little ones out if it! I think I would go for the minis, maybe a boy and girl robot – could you do that?

  6. I would love a Hellephant and a Fairy!!

  7. Comment for Heather S

  8. Minis!!!!! I'm probably the only regretsian that doesn't want your uterus. šŸ˜›

  9. Comment for Freaky!

  10. Your uterus makes me not want to rip out my own!(ok, that's a lie. want to swap? it's barely used!)

  11. Your minis are so cute! Very hard to choose….

  12. MUST.HAVE.THE.HAPPY.UTERUS. I need it to remind me that mine was once that way. Hopefully if it's sitting on my shelf smiling at me it will send me good ju-ju and mine will go back to smiling again, LOL

  13. Comment for Babs!

  14. i need a happy uterus, mine is sad!

  15. I would love a mini! I'm Strawberry on Regretsy.

  16. I'll refrain from silly puns and second the Hellephant šŸ˜›

  17. Minis are soooo cute!Love, MegaPussi. ā¤

  18. Comment for Victorya

  19. Mini Yoda and Mini Hellephant. OOOOH, pick me!!

  20. Hi Froggy, it's Admiral Whimsicle. I'd love to win this for the zombie and Frankenstein minis. All your work is beyond awesome, though! *hugs*

  21. Comment for Laurlaurinak

  22. OOH! I want minis! I'm too retarted to make amigurimi myself.

  23. Uterus! Uterus! Uterus! YAY!!!

  24. I adore your uterus (not a sentence I thought I could say, but CF4L has changed my vocabulary forever!).I think I would have to go with minis as I actually HAVE a handknit uterus, though not nearly as adorable as yours (no ovaries!)hugs,

  25. I would love a couple of the minis! I love your uterus, but the minis are just too adorable!-Annie MartinAnnie on think the Captcha or however you spell it is trying to play a joke on me. The "word" for it was menstrul.)

  26. Wow, that stuff is cute! If I could win your contest, I'd pick 2 minis – the steampunk octopus and the ballerina.Suzabell on

  27. I'd love the uterus!! Have the perfect use for it! wxgeek96 at

  28. How did I not see this before?! As brilliant as the uterus is, now that I've met your minis in person, I'd totally have to go with Yoda and the mermalade (I can't stop saying it that way, now, and I think everybody ought to switch over – try it, you'll like it šŸ˜€ ). Although Gandalf is a whole lot of awesomeness, too….hmmm….

  29. Okay, I LOVE the happy uterus and I need its magical powers, but upon seeing Yoda, I must have Yoda. Gandalf is awesome, but I definitely need Yoda.

  30. The uterus is great, but I'd have to go with the mini Yoda doll.

  31. I love the Yoda and the octopus minis.

  32. I would love a uterus! I saw your brother yesterday. He misses you!

  33. I want a uterus! Wait…Ok, I want YOUR uterus! No, that's not right either…Aww, just put me down as wanting that cute smiling uterus in the picture!

  34. The plush uterus is the greatest thing ever. I love love love it! ~grimmlynn~

  35. Hmmmm … don't need another uterus but I do love, love, love your mini's!

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