Fabulous Friday

I WAS ON REGRETSY!! Well, something I made was. I am the happiest girl in the world! Caution: While this page isn’t, Regretsy can be NSFW, inappropriate for children, and offensive to some people. But here it is!

In other news… (cough) The giveaway closes today. It closes at 5:00 PST, which means it’s 7:00 CST, which means I will be drawing a name tonight. So. Last chance. You have about… 12 hours. And… GO!

I got to do something else this morning that I rarely ever get to do. I got to finish my coffee while it was hot. My first cup, anyway. Everyone else in the house is still sleeping. (Of course, my son was up during the night for a while, so that’s why he’s still sleeping.)

Potty-training: my daughter is pretty much done! We went to pull-ups at night for her for a while, until the pack ran out. She’s been (mostly) dry at night for a little while, and then one night she looked at me and said, “You can put big-girl diapers in garbage.” I’m still not sure that she’ll use the potty whenever we go outside the house, but I’m not really worried about it.

Next giveaway starts MONDAY! This is your big chance to win something else! It will run until Wednesday evening, and then I’ll pick the winner Wednesday night.

My son turns two next week, on Thursday. TWO! I can’t believe that my baby was born two years ago. He’s really started to pick up a vocabulary now, and one of his recent words is “Peabs” (please). Adorable.

Um. Picture?

This is cow-cat “hiding” behind a piece of fabric (after my kids scattered the fabric all over the floor). He’s had some cat-nip here and he’s trying to play with my daughter and he thinks he’s being really sneaky.

As a side note, my daughter closed her little fingers in the door and needed a Mickey Mouse band-aid to make it all better. I couldn’t find them. But since I remembered seeing them in a recent picture, I pulled this up and was able to find them.

5 responses to “Fabulous Friday

  1. Heh, congrats on Regretsy! Surprised the wand is what got put there and not Penelope. Penelope is awesome by the way. My sister is a med student and wants me to make her one for "patient education". (Can't remember if I commented on that already…Mommy brain is strong today.) Guess what she's getting for her graduation present. 😉 Anyway, congrats! And congrats to your little girl about potty training. I am still waiting for mine to decide she's done with diapers. 🙂

  2. I saw the post and though "Didn't I just see that project on my Reader feed recently?" Congrats! hehe

  3. @Risu- LOL Thanks. 😀 Totally post pics of your uterus!!!@Rengawk- Spammin' with "wands." 😉 Thanks!

  4. Will do! First the holidays! Maybe my sister will get a uterus in her Easter basket… O.o 😀

  5. It's never a bad time for a uterus.

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